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  posted by john @ 4:21 AM

Thursday, October 23, 2003  

hi. man, i'm just not consistent, am i?

cmu debate still rules. no specific updates though. kicked ass at both ball state tournaments.

debbie and i reached nine months with no major hiccups. our anniversary was spent at a tournament however. i bought her a giant stuffed koala bear though. it's really adorable. it was new, and somewhat random. debbie kept trying to guess her surprise and never guessed stuffed animal. got to keep the lady guessing!

i've decided that it is time to stop waiting for life to happen to me. deciding this and actually making changes in my life are two entirely different things. don't you wish that decisions always resulted in immediate action? i do. i've still no idea what will happen to me next year. i'll have completed my coursework for my masters degree and have no thesis or degree to show for it. i'll have worn out my welcome in my current program and be out of options. it's time to start looking for a job. i've been inquiring about jobs as a debate coach at private high schools because i don't have a teaching certificate. i'm checking out possibilities at this one school, brentwood academy in tennesee. that could be fun. it sounds like an awesome opportunity. i even put together a resume for it. this took incredible industry on my part. oh well, we'll see where this leads. it will be sad to be seperated from debbie, but she'll be abroad for one semester next year anyway. so now is the time to get out. nashville, could i be coming?

up with action, down with distraction


  posted by john @ 2:22 AM

Monday, October 28, 2002  

i finally go to travel with the team this weekend, and after a long ass weekend of driving and judging i can say that it was completely worth it. the debaters took first in debate sweepstakes and third in combined (individual events and debate). debbie took 2nd in persuasion and was a combined 9-3 in both l-d and parli. i'm definately completely happy for debbie, but who i'm really happy for is stephanie. steph made to her first ever final round in l-d by winning her first elimination rounds since she was a semi-finalist at nationals two seasons ago. she was kind of in a funk all of last year and barely even qualified for nationals. to get off on the right foot is really important for her. hopefully this result will really jumpstart her season. so now cmu debate rules. we got 14 points at purdue and 11 more at truman. that's 25 points in the first two tournaments. we are ranked #1 in the midwest and should vault into the national top ten with the next rankings released by ndr. woohoo

debbie and i are coming up on nine months. i'm really excited. i'm taking her to see her brother play football this week. it is also her high school's homecoming game which should be fun. what i really want to do is do something fun for her. not just for our anniversary, but for us. for her being wonderful. just random. though not random at all, since i'm planning on doing it. just something new. that's all i ask. is that too much?

up with sweetness down with the middle.


  posted by john @ 2:11 AM

Wednesday, October 02, 2002  

today has been a nervous day. the debate team is off to their first tournament of the year at purdue university. thoughout the day i've been getting phone calls with updates. this is the first time in a year that i haven't travelled with the team to a tournament. it tears me up inside. i can't have any influence on their spirits or help them prep for their opponents. though stephanie and theresa called me when they didn't know what all happened at the johannesburg sustainable development conference earlier this month. i think my info helped them win the round.

either way, debbie is away at the tournament too, which makes it even harder. so i miss her, and miss the team and miss helping them. it is so sad. i've pretty much just sat in my apartment all day waiting for any news. tonight, i got a call letting me know who broke in parlimentary debate. paul and katie broke in novice, which i am very excited about. they should be able to go far. oh, by the way, when i say break, i mean qualify for the elimination round of sixteen. now you have to win to stay in. from sixteen (octofinals) to eight (quarterfinals) to four (semis) to two (finals). in varsity debbie and russ (yeah!!!) and stephanie and theresa broke. in parli you have a partner that debates with you, so they'll debate together tomorrow in the elimination rounds. i'm so proud. only dave and les didn't break. that makes me sad, because les has worked really hard to be a better debater and dave kind of holds him back. that's our only varsity/novice pairing. this was dave's first parli and second debate tournament ever, and les debated all of last year.

oh well. that's about it. oh, the visit to ohio went super well. i think debbie is finally convinced that my parents like her. this makes me extremely happy. right on. yup yup. next week is the truman state university debate tournament in kirksville, missouri. i'm going to that tournament, and i'm totally pumped. i've been working on debate briefs non-stop for the past two weeks trying to get the kids ready for the lincoln-douglas debate (evidence heavy, no partner) season opener. we are debating poverty all year long, and we have to start getting ready with our evidence right from the beginning. if you can out work your opponent in the beginning of the season when things are still unpredictable you can pick up some easy wins purely from preparation. talent loses to preparation early in the season. we've got both!

up with cmu debate, down with everyone else!


  posted by john @ 3:09 AM

Saturday, September 21, 2002  

debbie and i leave tomorrow for ohio. i'm getting excited, she's just still getting scared. oh well, it'll be fine, i know it. i'm actually looking forward to it.

i've noticed recently that i have a very similar handwriting to my dad, which is weird, because he never helped me learn or anything, it has just kind of developed that way. it's also weird because i'm left handed and he isn't. is handwriting hereditary? sounds like something someone can do a doctoral dissertation on .

not much to say today. laundry is a bitch and i'm out of detergent.

up with me, down with you.


  posted by john @ 2:18 PM

Thursday, September 12, 2002  

hey there. (echo, echo, echo) i guess that is to be expected. i can't really go awol for a year and expect anyone to still be around. i'll figure it out sooner or later i suppose. this weekend i'm travelling to ohio to visit my family with my girlfriend. she's really worried. she's met them before but she's all scared because my grandmother will be there and we are going to some fancy dinner for my dad's birthday and i don't know. she's just worried. my parents love her, but she's convinced they don't, and hopefully it just goes well. then she'll have to be convinced that my parents love her. it'll be all good.

right so, i looked at the clock. 8 hours until the official 9-11 anniversary. because i don't feel like getting up at 8:47 am, i'll post my rant now. here's the deal. for those of you who have read my archives, i was not happy after 9-11. not, however, like most people. 9-11 marked an all time low for patriotism in me. two of my friends were beaten by dumb white americans who thought they looked arab. were they arab? no. they were both from india. they are hindu. they are neither arab, nor muslim, yet dumb white americans felt they were justified in kicking their heads in. not cool. so tomorrow is not a day i care to remember. yes, i am very sorry for what happened to thousands of people and families on this fateful day one year ago, but i am not sorry for how i feel about the general american public's way of dealing with their anger. firebombing mosques, routine beatings of people who appeared arab, and even police profiling and beatings of anyone who looked arab. it was the time in my life that i was most ashamed to be an american. so i will not be attending any rememberences, or any vigils or any other events where there will be an outpouring of commercialized patriotism, instead i will be spending some time in meditation about what it will take to change the way america handles itself in crisis.

alright. glad to be back. hopefully you missed me.

up with individualism, down with collectivism


np. ashley park - an american scene

  posted by john @ 1:50 AM

Wednesday, September 11, 2002  

how about a little update. how about that?

over a year ago (sept. 4th) i made a comment about a girl on the debate team that i liked, but couldn't date. well the good news is we have now been dating almost eight months. i'm very much in love with her. debbie, if you are reading, i love you.

also, i've been given the opportunity to teach sda 101 at central michigan university. i love my classes and they are quite fun. the students have been great.

i'm still coaching the forensics team (speech and debate) and that is going well.

i also have a new roommate! no more bitching about chuck, now it is all bitching about rob. sorry rob. i know you love me.

how is that for updation! eleven minutes, and the first update has been set. that's what happens when you post before thinking about what else to write about. although, maybe i should spread out my ideas, you know, so i actually have something to write about.

up with lowercase, down with capitals


  posted by john @ 5:31 PM

Monday, September 09, 2002  

it is almost one year later and i'm back. still coming to you in the comfortable format of lower case letters. who needs the pretense of capitals any way! that's just another problem with the world. the assumption that some words are better than others and require capitalization to prove that point. facist! FACIST!

i'm not exactly sure how often i'll update, but i had fun with it before. it doesn't take all that much time, and hell someone might actually be interested in my mundanity. that's mundane insanity. mundanity. MUNDANITY!

okay. i'm glad to see that my previous blog was preserved, and hopefully anyone that may have been reading in the past will now have reason to return. if you blog it, they will come. hopefully even three hundred and fifty-four days later.


  posted by john @ 5:18 PM

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