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today has been a nervous day. the debate team is off to their first tournament of the year at purdue university. thoughout the day i've been getting phone calls with updates. this is the first time in a year that i haven't travelled with the team to a tournament. it tears me up inside. i can't have any influence on their spirits or help them prep for their opponents. though stephanie and theresa called me when they didn't know what all happened at the johannesburg sustainable development conference earlier this month. i think my info helped them win the round.

either way, debbie is away at the tournament too, which makes it even harder. so i miss her, and miss the team and miss helping them. it is so sad. i've pretty much just sat in my apartment all day waiting for any news. tonight, i got a call letting me know who broke in parlimentary debate. paul and katie broke in novice, which i am very excited about. they should be able to go far. oh, by the way, when i say break, i mean qualify for the elimination round of sixteen. now you have to win to stay in. from sixteen (octofinals) to eight (quarterfinals) to four (semis) to two (finals). in varsity debbie and russ (yeah!!!) and stephanie and theresa broke. in parli you have a partner that debates with you, so they'll debate together tomorrow in the elimination rounds. i'm so proud. only dave and les didn't break. that makes me sad, because les has worked really hard to be a better debater and dave kind of holds him back. that's our only varsity/novice pairing. this was dave's first parli and second debate tournament ever, and les debated all of last year.

oh well. that's about it. oh, the visit to ohio went super well. i think debbie is finally convinced that my parents like her. this makes me extremely happy. right on. yup yup. next week is the truman state university debate tournament in kirksville, missouri. i'm going to that tournament, and i'm totally pumped. i've been working on debate briefs non-stop for the past two weeks trying to get the kids ready for the lincoln-douglas debate (evidence heavy, no partner) season opener. we are debating poverty all year long, and we have to start getting ready with our evidence right from the beginning. if you can out work your opponent in the beginning of the season when things are still unpredictable you can pick up some easy wins purely from preparation. talent loses to preparation early in the season. we've got both!

up with cmu debate, down with everyone else!


  posted by john @ 3:09 AM

Saturday, September 21, 2002  
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