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i finally go to travel with the team this weekend, and after a long ass weekend of driving and judging i can say that it was completely worth it. the debaters took first in debate sweepstakes and third in combined (individual events and debate). debbie took 2nd in persuasion and was a combined 9-3 in both l-d and parli. i'm definately completely happy for debbie, but who i'm really happy for is stephanie. steph made to her first ever final round in l-d by winning her first elimination rounds since she was a semi-finalist at nationals two seasons ago. she was kind of in a funk all of last year and barely even qualified for nationals. to get off on the right foot is really important for her. hopefully this result will really jumpstart her season. so now cmu debate rules. we got 14 points at purdue and 11 more at truman. that's 25 points in the first two tournaments. we are ranked #1 in the midwest and should vault into the national top ten with the next rankings released by ndr. woohoo

debbie and i are coming up on nine months. i'm really excited. i'm taking her to see her brother play football this week. it is also her high school's homecoming game which should be fun. what i really want to do is do something fun for her. not just for our anniversary, but for us. for her being wonderful. just random. though not random at all, since i'm planning on doing it. just something new. that's all i ask. is that too much?

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  posted by john @ 2:11 AM

Wednesday, October 02, 2002  
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