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hi. man, i'm just not consistent, am i?

cmu debate still rules. no specific updates though. kicked ass at both ball state tournaments.

debbie and i reached nine months with no major hiccups. our anniversary was spent at a tournament however. i bought her a giant stuffed koala bear though. it's really adorable. it was new, and somewhat random. debbie kept trying to guess her surprise and never guessed stuffed animal. got to keep the lady guessing!

i've decided that it is time to stop waiting for life to happen to me. deciding this and actually making changes in my life are two entirely different things. don't you wish that decisions always resulted in immediate action? i do. i've still no idea what will happen to me next year. i'll have completed my coursework for my masters degree and have no thesis or degree to show for it. i'll have worn out my welcome in my current program and be out of options. it's time to start looking for a job. i've been inquiring about jobs as a debate coach at private high schools because i don't have a teaching certificate. i'm checking out possibilities at this one school, brentwood academy in tennesee. that could be fun. it sounds like an awesome opportunity. i even put together a resume for it. this took incredible industry on my part. oh well, we'll see where this leads. it will be sad to be seperated from debbie, but she'll be abroad for one semester next year anyway. so now is the time to get out. nashville, could i be coming?

up with action, down with distraction


  posted by john @ 2:22 AM

Monday, October 28, 2002  
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